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The DDR Query Tool for FileMaker Pro® Databases

Analyse your Systems quickly with the DDR Query tool

The DDR Query tool is a dynamic, searchable web app

Search for any object in your database: scripts, tables, fields, functions, layouts, merge text, graphics, charts. The search tool allows you to search for all the elements in the DDR. You can search within layout text for merge fields or hard coded text. You can search field calculations for text or system functions. You can search for web viewers or charts - even graphics and drawing objects are searchable.

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Locate internal errors, trace object dependencies within your databases, and more

Explore the inner workings of your databases. Get answers that can't be answered using FileMaker's built in functions. Trace the history of development in your system. The XML DDR Query tool will answer your questions in less than the time it takes to load a DDR into competing tools.

The DDR Query tool answers questions more quickly than other DDR tools because it works directly on the XML output by the FileMaker Pro database design report. There is no pre-processing required. You simply move the DDR into place and begin.

The DDR Query tool is Focused on Productivity

This tool was designed to explore the XML DDR produced by FileMaker Pro® analytically. This tool does that more quickly than any of the competition. Starting at the system summary, it takes only three or four mouse clicks to reveal the full list of dependencies for most system objects.

The DDR Query tool is Multi-file Aware

A primary requirement for the DDR tool in day-to-day work was to identify and locate objects which have dependencies. This tool can show you if, when and where scripts and fields are being used, not just within one file but across all files in a system!

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Discover more about your system by intelligent browsing

Browsing allows you to discover objects when you are unfamiliar with a system. Drill down into the tables, layouts, value lists, relationships. Each page is designed to provide you with the clearest information. Intelligent linking enables you to move quickly in and out, revealing more information at every step. You'll begin to discover more about the system than you ever have before.


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