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Filemaker Pro for Business

Professional Solutions

FileMaker Pro is the leading cross-platform database software. It’s ease of use is well known and it’s networking capabilities mean that you can put the same databases you use on the office network onto the web! FileMaker Pro can manage up to 999 simultaneous users out of the box. Could your business applications use that power and flexibility?

Professional Support

We’ve been developing software using FileMaker Pro since 1995 when we used it to control and automate the production of a large biographical web site. Since then we’ve gone onto produce FileMaker solutions for schools, government agencies, manufacturers, retailers, publishers and printing shops.

Tools for Filemaker Pro Developers

The DDR Query Tool

The DDR Query tool is for everyone who maintains FileMaker Pro databases. It reveals the inner working of your databases giving you access to the internal objects and obtain information that isn't available to you in any other way.

Search for any object in your database: scripts, tables, fields, functions, layouts, merge text, graphics, charts. You can search within layout text for merge fields or hard coded text. You can search field calculations for text or system functions. You can search for web viewers or charts - even graphics and drawing objects are searchable.

The most important question for any developer is "Can I safely modify that?". The DDR Query tool shows you exactly where an object is used throughout the a multi-file system. Try the demo.


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